Taisbean EP

by Drew McNaughton

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released April 17, 2017

Written, performed and produced by Drew McNaughton
Album artwork by Anna Oberfeld
Mastered by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio, Stornoway



all rights reserved


Drew McNaughton Scotland, UK

Drew McNaughton is a musician and poet who was born in Concord, Massachusetts and has greatly admired the writing of Emerson and Thoreau for many years. At an early age he also found that he was particularly drawn to the poetry of W. B. Yeats which has continued to be a major influence. Now living in Scotland he has recently been listening to Gaelic musicians and singers such as Julie Fowlis. ... more

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Track Name: Taisbean

Chì mi coille 'nam aigne
Le rùsg ùr air gach craobh
'S an àile eadar na geugan
làn reultan.

'S tha aon chraobh nam measg -
Mo chraobh-sa
Chaidh a chur nuair bha an saoghal òg,
'S i nis aost' is àrd
Le freumhan làidir domhainn san Talamh
'S geugan a' suathadh nan Nèamh.

Craobh a' chairdeas:
Track Name: Doctor Rhythm (Homage to Gil Scott-Heron)
Why can't we learn to open our eyes
And see what's around us?

That person dancing next to you,
That perfect human being is
A wonder

Heart pumping, lungs breathing
What extraordinary workings
In the things we cannot perceive.

And we are alive to the pulse
The echoing rhythmic flow
Of beats deep within us,

A fire inextinguishable, leaping
Dancing flame incandescent,
Sparking blazing vision.

I reach out my fingertips to the
Sun in dazzling skies, I
Want to feel that power and
I radiate that power.

Those around me feel my power
And I feel theirs because my
Power is the same as theirs.

The inner source which connecting us
Is shared by all in common,
From huge whales to the smallest bacteria.

From an interior perspective
We are all the same, it is only
Exterior appearances that delude us.

It is the illusion that deludes us.
The real reality cannot delude us
And it is that which we feel in our hearts.

We feel it in our bodies, hands, arms
Legs and belly, strong shoulders and
Sturdy calves which electrical
Impulses continually keep toned.

Look around and see the body,
How it moves, and when you see
It move you will see the inner
Spark that guides its motion.

You will see the inner spark
That guides its motion

Guides its motion

Track Name: Lament For Detroit And Damascus
Music and culture have their roots
In the land and in the shifting sand.
Places once hallowed for their artistic role
Now stand merely a shattered husk of a whole.

Neglect, sore neglect of even young Detroit
Whose fame sprang once from the Motown Sound,
Holland, Dozier and Holland, Diana Ross,
Smokey, the Four Tops now at a loss
To see how the city has crumbled from within,
And the likes of Ritchie Hawtin, Juan Atkins,
All those pioneers who infused the electronic
With soul, brought to tears.

And if the forgetfulness of those so
Great of late can happen with such haste
Then a tragedy of much greater magnitude is
The fate of that well-spring of world renown:
It seems no wonder that the world
Has barely heard the cries and
Pitiable screams of terror from the
Once magnificent crucible of the
West’s arts, letters and music.
Another place tearing itself apart from within
While society stands by with blinkered eye
Conveniently forgetting the immense debt of
Gratitude we owe to them.