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Thank you for your interest in my Kyberpoetica project. Initially it started out as the website, a vehicle for stripped down HTML where the concept was that the poetry could be read in the code ( In the process I began to return to my musical roots inspired by the Muses and a new toy, a Clarsach, I rented from the Clarsach Society in Edinburgh. The recording which eventually emerged over the course of about three years became the Kyberpoetica album (access to download this is included in the subscription) that was released online and in physical form in 2014.

However in the meantime I have been busy creating new tracks and recordings including some EDM, Gaelic song, poetry and more recently producing mixes ( My creativity has been increasingly flowing and I'm so glad that it has been possible. I have further plans (mostly in my head right now) to create more open access poetry websites of out-of-copyright classic writers that have inspired me over the years: W.B. Yeats, Erasmus Darwin, James MacPherson with accompanying recordings and in multiple languages.

If you feel you would like to contribute I would be very grateful if you consider becoming a friend of Kyberpoetica by taking out a subscription. By doing so you will be helping me to continue my creative work and in return have access to subscriber only recordings and exclusive downloads of tracks that are currently only available to stream on Soundcloud (

It is an unusual undertaking that I am setting out on however it all started when I thought to myself "What would W. B. Yeats or T. S. Eliot do if they were around today?" and Kyberpoetica seems to have evolved from there. Again I would really appreciate the support and I hope in turn you will enjoy what I have to offer. Cheers!

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Drew McNaughton
Scotland, UK
Drew McNaughton is a musician and poet who was born in Concord, Massachusetts and has greatly admired the writing of Emerson and Thoreau for many years. At an early age he also found that he was particularly drawn to the poetry of W. B. Yeats which has continued to be a major influence. Now living in Scotland he has recently been listening to Gaelic musicians and singers such as Julie Fowlis.

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